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About Us

Amaven’s online BOOK PAY PLAY system is designed to help coaching companies and sports academies to grow revenue and reduce administration overhead. We understand your pain points and have worked with many sports coaching organisations and clubs to market themselves a lot better, selling more and manage their operations more efficiently.

The BOOK PAY PLAY is not a one size fits all system, we customise it to fit into partners business and their operations. This is the most advanced system of its kind and brings together many great features which every sports academy needs to grow. We will even develop new features for you if needed. Upgrades, new features, hosting and training are also included to give a one stop shop for everything digital. The best part is it costs nothing upfront, we take a small percentage of each booking value so you can pay as you go.

The system is being already used successfully by a number of sports coaching businesses in the UK.

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